Top 10 Worship Albums of 2012 From New Release Tuesday

Top 10 Worship Albums of 2012 per New Release Tuesday


What a true honor to have New Release Tuesday recognize People & Songs, Opus 1 Collective as their #4 favorite album for 2012. The above link gives the full line-up of albums. I’m so grateful to be a part of what God is doing in these days. Below is are the kind words they specifically wrote about my album.

[excerpt] Jennie Lee Riddle – People & Songs, Opus 1 Collective
This album grabs me with every song. Truly, every song is amazing. Jennie has a knack for hitting me where I am spiritually and expressing the prayerful yearnings of my heart. This album is no exception as I get welled up praying along with several of the songs and most of all, I am stirred with compassion to love people as Jesus loves us. That’s the heart behind this album. Thank you, Jennie, for blessing us with your music and for writing and singing the Truth of the Gospel for the Kingdom of God. This album soothes, moves and challenges listeners. People & Songs, Opus 1 Collective by Jennie Lee Riddle is a profound listening experience.

I love her writing. It is so honest, and has lots of depth lyrically. It feels like at times as Christians we’re living on a foreign planet and we’re fighting all the time. We all know why–because we weren’t made for this world. Writing and singing songs of worship aren’t always easy when things aren’t going well. We’re called to worship and we need to be obedient. We are dependent on God for every breath. A state of brokenness keeps us on our knees and helps us realize how much we need God.

This five-star worship album reminds me that “this world is not my home, this life is not my own, and soon Lord, O very soon, You’ll come to take me to be with You.” Choosing to worship when you don’t feel like it deepens your faith. Even in the midst of our greatest struggles, we need to find joy and peace from knowing God. This album reminds us that the pain of this world is temporary and to live for Heaven.