Passion Song - Sean Carter

I wanted to share this beautiful retelling of The Passion. It is a song written by our good friend, Sean Carter, that gives us a glimpse of what it may have been like to experience that week firsthand, told through the eyes of the apostle John, the beloved friend of Jesus.

Dear Friends,

This week we get to focus on, celebrate and retell the most absolutely True Story of all stories, of all time. Today begins the week known as Passion week; a reflection on the life-changing days when the Savior walked out every sorrow and pain humanly possible while bearing the weight of humanity on HIs shoulders; all the way up to horrifying Mt. Calvary to hang in cruel display in our place. On that cross hung all our guilt and shame and suffering. On that cross hung every hurt we have and will ever endure. Jesus Himself, the Lamb of God, alone hung there to absorb all the stain and sting of sin. All sin. Jesus Himself, took on death to carry it all into the bowels of hell in His body. Jesus, our blessed, glorious, conquering Jesus, then took on hell. He beat all hell and it’s king into utter, bloody submission as His righteousness blinded the darkness with All-Consuming Brilliance; The Light of the World!! He stood up the resurrected King of all Kings. He stood so high, His stature rose from the depths, up through the grave, up past the cross, up past the clouds, up past the heavens, up to the highest of all thrones where He forever reigns as God Most High, Lord of All, Father of His Children and our beloved Christ. What a Savior! Do you know Him? Do you know our Jesus?